Why we need diverse books...

In 2007, I started Golden Butterfly Publishing. The purpose behind our company is to cultivate the unique experiences of children. More specifically, we produce high-quality books for children and educational materials. Additionally, we do readings, book signings, and performances for children. I started this company with a single title and expanded the titles, distribution, and marketing efforts since starting the company. Our titles are now available in all major book outlets and stores. Our goal is to help diversify the current book choices for children during their reading experiences in grades PreK – through Grade 12. According to (Horning, 2015), there are less than 4% of all published books that feature African American characters in books. Our company focuses on this niche market by producing books that mainly have African American characters. We produce titles with both African American female and male characters. It is my hope that through these products children will find the diversity of experiences with literature that they can enjoy. Readers can find books they identify with or take a journey in the shoes of a character different from themselves. During 2014, our company joined the national campaign #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Our hope is to continue to produce books that center on that purpose as we move forward. Please remember that in order for children to envision an equitable world that this equity must be visible between the pages they read each day.

Happy Reading.
Dr. Tiffany A. Flowers